Aroostook County Ramblins' from a Sporting Journal Columnist


Memorial Day is the day we remember our fallen heroes, but more than that, it should prove as a reminder that we should salute them every waking day.

With all of life’s hustle and bustle, it can be easy to feel sorry for myself when my busy schedule deprives me of any time to wet a line. As Americans we complain about the rain, snow, heat, cold, bills, work, and just about anything else that might cause  a minor inconvenience in daily life. Memorial Day is our American reality check, and every year it brings with it the same meaningful message. The men and women that make this life possible get far too little recognition, and those same men and women are never the ones to demand attention for their sacrifices.

Here at Up’North, our northern Maine heroes also happen to be some of the most accomplished outdoorsmen in the game. We pray for their safe return from the field of battle, and salute their countless sacrifices in the name of freedom. So raise a glass this final Monday in May, and make a toast to those who made the choice to defend freedom, only to never make it home.

To the families of those who have endured the ultimate sacrifice, we stand with you in shouldering the pain that your losses have brought, and overflow with the somber pride that comes in knowing that we are forever in debt to you and yours.

The Up’North crew salutes you, and stand proudly today in honoring the soldiers who gave their live’s so we can fish another day.

Team Chaos

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